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Application Case



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  • Sanitary miniature shell :

    Exergy offers a comprehensive product line of highly efficient Shell & Tube and Tube-in-Tube heat exchangers. It provides the products for a large variety of industries that include biotechnology, chemical, fuel cell, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and others. For example, cooling / heating of WFI, cooling / condensation of clean vapour, temperature control of sanitary liquid, and some process which needs heating / cooling.

  • Sampling valves:

    FAMAT specializes in fabricating sampling valves for powder, soliquoid, and slurry media. The valves are connected directly to vessels and sample in vacuum without any dead volumes and pollution.

  • Sightglass light fittings:

    Sightglass include tank sightglass and sight flow indicators, they are often used in the industry equipments of chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, fibre, food and others. Through them, we can observe the situation of the products reaction and flowing in the container and pipeline, so they are the indispensable accessories to guarantee the production in order.

  • Hose for high temperature:

    Hose for high temperature application for suction of welding fume and high temperature air, especially in vehicle construction, engine test bed, vehicle maintenance and related industry.

  • Solid calibration:

    Solid calibration (lifting and tilting devices, solid comminutions, mixing devices, pre-breakers and big bag emptying) manufactured by Rubitec AG are specialized for solid products, wildly used in pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry.

  • Rubex explosion protection system:

    Rubex explosion protection system are always installed on the pipelines of the pharmaceutical and chemical equipments, they can prevent the explosion as a result of the reaction of powder and gas, and others. When an explosion occurs, Rubex explosion protection valves isolate the explosion zone from the part of the system, and control the explosion zone effectively, protect the whole system from being destroyed.

  • Manway:

    There are many types, they are installed on the pressure vessel and reactors in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. In the meantime, they also can dispose sightglass, light fitting, safety grill and tube connecting elements as options.

  • Strainers:

    Strainers are connected into tubes. There is screen inside which is for filtering impurity from liquid and prevent resting in tubes.

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